Sunday, 9 March 2008

A Timely Bunch of Flowers and Incense Excitement

UKOK awarded me this, just when I was needing a nice bunch of flowers! (And of course, I can't have a real bunch in this liturgical season!!)

I've been stuck in bed with the 'flu' all day today, so missed Mass. It was to have been a High Mass too, in one of the more "EF friendly " Churches where the TLM is held. My son was supposedly going to be 'doing the incense' for the first time ever. I felt strangely glad I wouldn't have to witness this - visions of the thurible flying everywhere, or burning incense being dropped on the sanctuary carpet, or the whole thing getting caught in his cotta, or that awful moment when he can't work out which of the chains he's supposed to pull on!!! But to my great relief, once he arrived home I was informed that one of the adult servers turned up, so could take on the role, and my boy happily did the bells, and cruets. Typical mother - worrying over nothing!

Whilst in bed I read Corrie Ten Boom's "The Hiding Place" right through - it was very moving.


ukok said...

I'm sorry to learn that you've been flu'd up today. But glad that you had such great reading material with you, and I hope the cyber bouquet helped to lift your spirits a little!

My son used to serve too, and I worried incessantly about him dropping things or setting fire to the priests vestments with the candle which was in my opinion, far too large for him to hold!

Of course, it never happened :-)

MaggieClitheroe said...

Oh yes the GIANT candles - it's awful when they're acolites, and the candles WOBBLE (which they always seem to do, I never know why they aren't fixed in with a wedge or something if they're too small for the hole!!! - just to add to our mumsy worries, I suppose!)
By the way, am I correct in interpreting this :-) as a smiley on it's side? I've often wondered what it meant!!!

leutgeb said...

Hope you feel better now.

ukok said...

Yes! :-) is a smiley :-)

This is a wink ;-)

This is a sad face :-(

Theyr're the three I generally use but there are lots more too :-)

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
We've had a few wobbly moments with candles with the boys-and a scary moment with a candle dripping hot wax down backs!
Even now the boys are over 6' they still find having the big candles to hold during the long Gospel on Palm Sunday a challenge.
'Offer it up' I suggest :)

'The Hiding Place' is a fascinating book. I have also read the one she wrote later; can't remember the title but she meets one of the guards (it's after the war). He has converted. It is a very moving moment.