Thursday, 14 January 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Chicken Playing Tennis?

Well it was either post something or give up altogether. I lay in bed this morning wondering whether I should give up on blogging, as I haven't managed to find time to do any for so long, and have lost my entire readership (ha ha). What should appear in my inbox but a new comment on my blog. It was from someone who consists of no name and who left a row of dots and little squares - I don't even know how to make those marks on my computer! Still it seems like I might have been given the urge to start up again.
Lately, I've been reading a lot about evolution (for which I seem to have had a natural distaste from a very early age - all those monkeys turning into humans, just didn't grab my soul - so to speak). I know there are eminent Catholic scientists and theologians "out there" who think it's all kosher, and "more than a theory", but none of them have written anything convincing about how it all works, and how God 'fits in' to their theory - because that's what they have to do, make God fit in. It disturbs me that so many people accept Evolution as a fact, but when you come to discuss the possibility that it might not be TRUE, they shy away from the discussion. After all there are plenty of scientists and mathematicians who give very convincing arguments for why it can't be true - my latest scientific discovery being the Second Law of Thermodynamics - (ie, that as a very unscientific artist with a modicum of intelligence, I've just discovered that there is such a thing, and it don't fit in with evolutionary theory... but I'm waiting for an Evolutionist to show me it does).
When I mentioned to one Priest that if we were descended from primates, then it would mean that Adam's mum was a monkey, he simply said he had no problem with that. MY GOODNESS! I'd have a real problem if my Mum were a monkey - I suspect my son wouldn't, since he probably thinks his Mum is a monkey....
BUT HE'S WRONG, because, as the photographic evidence shows, he came from an egg....

Yes, he's the first known proof that humans have evolved into more efficient sports-playing creatures, and what's more, there were no intermediate forms, it just happened overnight, and all of a sudden he could play much better tennis than the humanoid looking creature at the lower edge of the photo - amazing innit?