Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Achieving Culinary Success

This was last year's culinary disaster on Shrove Tuesday, much to my disappointment.

But today I was blessed with the best results I have EVER had in making pancakes, probably due to having used the correct type of flour, and not having hurried and tried to make them whilst people were eating.

I made a batch of them, sprinkling each one with sugar, folding it into eighths, and placing it in a warming oven. Then when they were all made, I served them up with whipped cream, and lime juice - not because I wanted to be trendy, but because by the time I got to the supermarket, they had sold out of lemons - nice to think everyone in town is preparing for the Lenten fast by having pancakes and lemons....

Well, the proof of the pancake is in the eating...and we managed to get through the lot of them, with one left to fight over! I did spare a thought for all those poor mums of large families, but I'm sure most of them have worked out the "prepare it in advance method" for keeping sane on Shrove Tuesday!

Happy Fasting to one and all.