Sunday, 2 March 2008

Jam on the duvet, weak cold coffee and a bad back!

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers, expectant mothers, godmothers, and spiritual mothers in the world. (I know it's not Mother's Day in the USA, but it is in England, and it is Laetare Sunday everywhere, so today I'd like to Praise God for our Holy Mother Church, and for our Heavenly Mother, Mary).

Now, to the title of the post - yep, it's that once-yearly ordeal I have to suffer at the hands of my beloved son, and it delights him so much that (in true motherly form) I accept it graciously - Breakfast in Bed. He doesn't think of it at any other time of the year, so I get off lightly!! But I do find sitting up in bed to eat toast and jam a most uncomfortable experience, and now I've got raspberry jam stains on the duvet cover!!!
But he did give me the delightful gifts above (oh, and a giant packet of Revels, but I don't see much aesthetic value in a bag of chocs!). The donkey I fell in love with, in a charity shop, but as I don't like spending money on myself (miser that I am) I persuaded my husband to induce our boy to buy it for me for Mother's day, whilst I sauntered off to another shop pretending I couldn't possibly afford it! There's something so spiritual about donkeys - I suppose they seem humble beasts, and I always think of the one that carried the pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. The splendid fellow above obviously had a former life as a souvenir from some exotic country, and used to be a cigarette holder, as the lid of the chest on his back is supposed to spring open to offer ciggies (but the spring no longer functions). However, I'm sure he'll be really good in the Nativity set, bringing gold coins on his back along with the 3 kings.
The primulas are beautiful, and just as I was despairing that my garden has very few flowers in it, my darling boy got me these. I've just finished transplanting them to the garden (poor lad thought I would kill them by putting them outside, so I explained that they would be much happier out there - I hope they spread, like the ones I used to have in my last garden)

And this is the book I want to finish reading, and once I've digested it, shall be posting on it too.
Fulton Sheen really has a good way of explaining the Church's teaching on Mary - it seems to make so much sense to me, that I wonder why Protestants so often baulk at the idea of Catholic devotion to her.
Mary, Mother of God, Mother of us all, Pray for us, and pray that I may fulfill my role of wife and mother, as God wills. Amen.

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ukok said...

Happy Mothering Sunday to you Maggie Clitheroe!