Friday, 23 May 2008

Treats for Corpus Christi

This is an example of some fine craft work we did a couple of years ago in honour of the Feast of Corpus Christi, at a lovely home-schooling group we used to be able to attend. The boys would generally run around being hooligans, whilst the girls, and one or two of the more "arty" boys would diligently create masterpieces. My dear son, to my chagrin, was never one of those diligent, arty children, but I think he did occasionally come back to help stick some bits on here and there, so let's say this was a combined effort. I like to bring it out around this time of year, just to remind myself that we did do crafts, once!

My husband has been in London for an examiners' meeting for a few days. He was rather miffed, at first, that he had been given a more 'downmarket' hotel to stay in, than on previous occasions. We were discussing his visit a week or so ago, and realised that he would be away over the Feast of Corpus Christi, and wondered whether he'd be able to get to Mass on that day. Now we knew that some of the "big" Churches, like the Brompton Oratory would probably have Mass in the Extraordinary Form, but he wouldn't be near there. When we looked up the Mass times for Corpus Christi, we found there was a Church named Corpus Christi, in Maiden Lane, which was having an Old Rite Mass for the Feast Day - guess where hubbie's hotel was positioned? within walking distance of said Church. The Lord provides!

My son and I managed the hour's journey to the Birmingham Oratory, as we did on the Ascension. Although we are not in the parish, my son often serves the EF for one of the priests who was to be officiating at this Mass, and he invited him to serve if we came. I was rather concerned that as it was rather late he might disgrace me and fall asleep in the sanctuary, but he rose to the occasion and made a perfect accompaniment for the other little boy who was serving (son of a famous large-familied blogging mama , methinks!) On the journey down, I quizzed him about whether he'd be ok serving, and his reply was "oh it's alright serving at these big Masses, all you have to do is sit on the sub's bench and look holy"! There you go then!
(He wants me to add "but we did end up being acolites this time, so there was more to do").


ukok said...

I'm only about an hour and a half from BHX myself! I reckon us girls who live fairly near to Birmingham should work on having a Christmas meet up...what do you reckon?

MaggieClitheroe said...

Well, I know where you are - I'll be attending TLM in your parish church on Sunday - God willing! (I think it's at Hanley this week, it's not much fun having to look up where Mass will be every Sunday!!) And how come it takes you so long to get to Brum? don't you drive very fast ha ha! (It only takes me an hour - or do you go by train, in which case, I can certainly understand).
Mmmm Christmas celebrations, sound fab, as long as they're not in Advent!!!!

Jackie Parkes said...

Have just added your blog...hope you didn't mind about the pics of your son..he looked amazing & so confident!

MaggieClitheroe said...

Frighteningly confident - I don't know where he gets it from! I wouldn't want close-ups on the blog, but since the photos are in the distance, they don't bother me - although I suppose it might do for some folks?
Thanks for adding me, I shall do likewise.

Matt Doyle said...

I was also at the Corpus Christi Mass and agree that the little servers were wonderful. Have linked to you, check out my blog if you have time; we will probably home-school our little girl who's 16 months. I'm sure we have mutual friends in Shropshire.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Hello Matt, thanks for dropping by. I often visit your blog, so I will link to you now too. Hope you do manage to homeschool, it's well worth it; by the time your little one gets to school age, you and your wife will have already taught her so much, why stop!!
Mmm, now which ones are they - not the Newport lot?