Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hello again, here's a meme.

Hello my vast readership, I've been feeling down lately, due to my own obnoxiousness, and lack of discipline, so although I've been doing things, like,


having a birthday,


and occasionally, homeschooling,
I thought I'd pick a nice meme to do, which I found on UKOK's blog, and as she said,

"Feel free to pick this meme up if you feel so inclined, but please remember to let me know in the combox that you are doing it, so that I can read your responses on your blog!"

What time is your alarm clock set to? Don't have one, but Mr and Mrs Blackbird, who are nesting in our hedge (and we don't have double glazing, so we hear them whether the windows are open or not) seem to start their morning racket around 5.30, 6 a.m., most mornings. (Whether or not I get up then is not to be revealed at this juncture).
What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Ah, 'tis the eyes, always the eyes. (That goes for the female variety too!!)
What movie do you know every line to?/What is your favorite movie? Might as well lump these two together, since I've just asked my dearest what my favourite film is, and he, with his usual candour answered, "you don't really have one, do you?" so that's why I wouldn't know the lines to any (although I could sing you quite a few of the songs from "Mary Poppins", if you'd like).
Is anyone in love with you? Well, my faith tells me that Jesus is, but I can't ever really "feel"that, except when my darling hubby forgives me my transgressions, and then I know He does too. But I feel that my husband is.
Do you eat breakfast daily? Dead right I do, it's the only thing that gets me out of bed, some mornings, the thought of a great big cup of dark STRONG coffee, and some toast (with raspberry jam on).
Do you sleep on your side, stomach or back? I'm a fidgeter. When we were first married, my darling husband used to call me the "Fidget Midget". So that tells you something about my stature too.
Who was the last person to make you mad? Me, moi, myself. Of course, I blame 101 other people, but deepdown, even whilst I'm doing it, I know who's at fault.
Are you a lover or a fighter? Tell you what, sometimes, I LOVE a good fight!!!
Are you a morning or evening person? As long as I've had enough sleep, I'm ok either way.
Are you a cuddler? Yep, with those who are dear to me.
Are you a perfectionist? I'm afraid so, which is why it takes me so long to post anything - I have to at least attempt to get the punctuation right!!
Have you ever wrote a poem? I have never, in my life, to my knowledge, ever "wrote" anything. However, I have written a poem or two, in my time.
Do you have more guy or girl friends? I have very few of either, I have the ideal husband (who is shouting from the bathroom as I write, "don't say it, do it, do it," , but I suppose I have more girls than boys as friends - mostly homeschooling mums. (And I'm happy that way).
How many tickets have you gotten? Very few, we rarely go out. (You mean, for the theatre, of course?).
Piercings? Yeuch. (I am appalled at people who stick things in their tongues, around their eyes, and in their noses - for the latter, doesn't the snot get stuck in it?).
Do you have a tattoo? What do you reckon?
Are you patient? Ha ha ha ha ha, manic, hysterical laughter - you should've seen me this morning, in rush hour traffic, having left less than half an hour for a good half hour journey. 'Nuff said.
Do you miss anyone right now? Yes, but I won't go into that.
Tea or coffee? Thick strong Italian coffee in the morning; a nice refined cup of darjeeling in the afternoon.
Regularly burn incense? Nope, I let the thurifer do it.
Ever been in love? Still am.
Best room for a fireplace. Well, ours is in the front room, which seems fine to me, only we're having problems with it at the moment. But I won't go into that.
What do you do when you’re sad or upset? Cry. Eat sweet things. Talk to my husband.
Afraid of heights? Not particularly.
Can you change the oil in your car? Don't know, never tried!
Favorite flower? Ah, there you have me. I love blue flowers, and white flowers, and I keep trying to get my garden to grow with an abundance of blue and white flowers. I've just sown some Himalayan Blue Poppy seeds, let's see if they grow. I am partial also to aubrietia, growing down a sandstone wall, although my sandstone wall is in the shade, so the aubrietias ain't doing too well. But I make do with the flowers that I can afford, or that I am given, so if they aren't all blue, it don't matter, hence the rather gorgeous pink and deep purple tulips in the garden at present.
Favorite hangout? I love being at home, and in the garden.
Middle name? Anne.
Most romantic sounding language? Italiano.
Ever been overseas? On numerous occasions. Holland (aged 14 - got very drunk on Amstelbier) France - miserable school exchange, but I did improve my French, Germany, miserable meeting up with a boyfriend from university who was about to dump me, and who did so when we got on to Italy. But Italy was great, so who cares about the ex.! Spain, restoring an old Church, up a mountain - beautiful setting, if primitive living conditions. Spain, France and Italy on several other occasions. Croatia, Belgium, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, the USA, and Mexico. But I've also been to Scotland, and Wales, and they deserve a mention even if one doesn't have to cross any seas to get there. Last year we went as a family to Rome, and hubby and I both, for the first time in our lives, felt an inordinate fear of flying, so maybe our days of roaming are o'er! But, I'd still like to see bits of China, and New Zealand, and maybe Canada.


Alexa said...

I loved your comment on my blog, Maggie! Is today YOUR birthday??? Happy Birthday! I might do this meme too - but my nails are wet right now and it's hard to type - tomorrow perhaps!

ukok said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling a bit down lately :-(

Thanks for doing this meme, I really enjoyed learning a little more about you....and belated Happy Birthday greetings to you!

and oh, this bit of your meme didn't arf make me chuckle

"and in their noses - for the latter, doesn't the snot get stuck in it?"

I know it sounds rather sad to say this, but i've actully often pondered that myself!

MaggieClitheroe said...

Thanks for commenting, ladies, my birthday was a few days ago - I tend to try and keep silent about such events - not that I didn't enjoy the attention, and presents!!
And UKOK, it's not sad, at all, perfectly logical in my estimation, to wonder about such things!!!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Happy Birthday!
And just because you wondered-a friend of mine had his nose pierced and yes, the snot DID get stuck in it! YUK YUK YUK!!!!!
Still on the bright side it made him take the stupid thing out :))

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh a lot. I've had a nose ring for ten years. Occasionally the snot gets stuck in it, but that just makes picking one's nose all the richer. I love my nose ring, but fair enough if you don't!

Also, a nun once insisted on showing me Margaret Clitheroe's hand (it lives in a convent in Yorkshire). I know it's a relic, but I'm a Protestant and I found it somewhat disconcerting.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Oooer, Anonymous, the thought of piercing one's fingertip whilst picking one's nose makes me fill with dread - I think I'd rather be martyred!!
I suppose it would be rather disconcerting to be "made" to view the hand of a Saint, when one is a Protestant, and therefore not really inclined towards such things; however, as Protestants are supposed to be broad-minded, maybe you could use it as a stepping stone to broadening your mind further, and find out why Catholics like such things, and why maybe the nun had a fondness for it! I'll ask Margaret Clitheroe to give you a helping hand in the right direction...
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't mean that in a derogatory way! I was disconcerted, not offended or horrified or anything, and I was very polite to the nun (who is a friend, and found my bemusement completely hilarious). I've since done a lot of reading about relics, and although they are really not something I find meaningful, I can see why others find them so to be. I've spent time in Rome and watched people praying over relics and obviously experiencing something very special and holy. Maybe your prayer worked retrospectively!

I'm glad you think of Protestants as broad-minded, that's heartening! Oh, and I wear a ring in my nose, there's nothing sharp to catch my fingers on!


MaggieClitheroe said...

Pearl, thanks for commenting back - I hope you weren't offended by my sense of humour. I actually think seeing someone's withered hand, or head (as in the case of Saint Oliver Plunkett - in Drogheda, Ireland) can be rather disconcerting, so I'd agree with you there! However, we Catholics (at least, those who still venerate relics) are, to some degree, looking beyond the physical reminder of the saint in question, whilst remembering that there is a link between the physical and the spiritual - the resurrection of the body, and all that. But the Protestants I have met (and three of my son's best friends are a retired vicar and his wife, and their dog) do have a problem with saints in the first place, so I can understand them having a bigger problem with the bits that the saints left behind!!
As for the nose-ring all I can say is - get rid of it, you'd look much better the way God made you, and even if you can't get injured on it, the snot must still get stuck!
By the way, we're trying to convert the dog to Catholicism, every time we dog-sit, but she just can't hack sitting through the rosary yet.. we'll have to get St Francis of Assissi working on her!
God Bless.