Saturday, 19 April 2008

We have been graced.

We had a visitor round for dinner tonight. A Priest. We feel truly blessed that he came to our house. He also blessed our house, for which we are grateful. He asked us how we met, and we related our story. After he had gone, my husband expressed to me what he had felt, (which was what I had also felt), that it was like a renewal, being able to go back to how it all started between us, and how God acted in our lives.
Thank you Jesus, for this Priest.
Thank you Jesus, for all our Priests.
Thank you Jesus, for our marriage.


Alexa said...

I don't know what it is about having a priest over for dinner - it makes me feel sort of "okay" - like I'm a friend of someone important - if he acts like he's enjoying himself.

Remember when we had our priest over? I blogged about it --- sometime in January I think...

God bless, Elizabeth.

ukok said...

oooooh...firstly i must say that i like the new background to your blog!

Secondly, i'm glad you had such an enjoyable evening :-)

Alexa said...

Hey Elizabeth - I don't have your email addresss, so I'm sending you a link to a new blog I made that I want you to join!

Read about it all on the blog: