Sunday, 27 April 2008

Parable Meme

Rachel, at Chasing Butterflies, has asked me to do a parable meme, it seems quite straight-forward, list 5 favourite parables, and then tag the same number of people. I think I'll give the tagging bit a miss this time, as I found it hard to find 5 people for the last meme I did, but if anyone wants to join in, please do so.
It's funny, but apart from the really obvious parables, the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, and the Sower sowing seed on different grounds, I couldn't readily bring any others to mind, and didn't know if I even have favourite ones, but once I'd looked them up, there were of course, plenty to choose from.
1) I should have remembered the one about the unscrupulous judge and the widow who kept pestering him for justice. I still remember the little cartoon sketch my husband did for me to remind me of this one when, after we'd been married over a year and a half, we still hadn't conceived, and I felt like giving up praying for a child. It spurred me on to keep nagging our heavenly Father for what we wanted!
2) There were some lovely illustrated books I used to read to my little boy, or he'd look at during Mass when he was very small. I still remember the one about the two sons, one who says he'll do the Father's will, and doesn't, and the other who initially says he won't, but then thinks better of it and does help him out.
3)The selfish farmer, who builds bigger and bigger barns, to store all his grain for himself, and then dies the next day. Helps me to not put too much store in what happens (materially) to me in this life.
4)Lazarus and Dives. Apparently, according to my learned husband, (who I think got this from Scott Hahn) it is the only time a character in a parable is named, and one could identify the Lazarus in the parable of Luke with the real Lazarus in John, who Jesus actually did raise from the dead, yet the pharisees still didn't believe in Him. I was intrigued by this, it shows how much more depth there is to the parables than at first reading.
5)The wise and foolish virgins. It took me years to appreciate what this was all about - that's the trouble when you're young, you always empathise with the fools, and feel sorry for them, but that's because you are a fool yourself eh? Now, I realise the importance of being ready and waiting for the Lord, as the awareness of my own mortality grows.

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