Sunday, 6 April 2008

Let's Adopt This Little Girl Instead!

There is a member of my family, who, when asked a few years ago what she thought about adoption (she has two fine healthy children, a girl, and a boy, a very large house in the country with lots of rooms and a huge garden) said, "We thought about it, but then we got [let's call it, for the sake of anonymity] Bonzo". Yes, they now have three Bonzos. Mmmm. Now, they're not practising Catholics, but "cultural" Catholics. The social services would have loved them. Still. It's not for everybody, I suppose.

So, seeing as we've not been allowed to adopt a child, I think of all the animals in the world that I could cope with, this is the one Bonzo I'd take on:-

She is very sweet, and no, we haven't exactly adopted her, we're just looking after her for two weeks while her owners are on holiday, and seeing as they semi-adopted my son when we lived next door to them (letting him roam free in their garden) I think it's not too much of a favour to do in return.

We had snow today, the first to settle this winter, or should I say spring, and she was out first thing in it with my son. Both loved it. We have to make the most of snow here, it lasts about 4 hours at most!!!!

The snow was very heavy, (but not very deep)all the bamboo is flopping over the pond.

But once the sun begins to shine, it's pathetic really!

Not even enough time to build a snowman, like we did on our one evening of snow last year...

Still, we don't have all that "yard" cleaning that the Americans have to put up with! (or maybe even people living in Kent - I haven't looked at the news yet, I get a bit fed up with all that stuff about "global warming" Ha Ha!)


Lydia said...

There's nothing like a dog, that's for sure. :)

MaggieClitheroe said...

Well Lydia, I'd rather have had a child!!
I have to be honest, the only animals I really like are baby human ones!! I am currently left on my own with above-depicted dog, and I don't know what to do with her when she stands and looks at me whilst I type away and eat chocs. What does she want? I have been told I can't give her human chocs because they will upset her stomach, (she's already had a treat, and she's not allowed too many as the vet says she's getting fat). I feel daft when I start talking to her, as I know she hasn't got a clue what I'm saying, unless the sentence has the word, treat, ball, bone or walk in it!
Now if it were a toddler, I'd know what to do! Ah well, some things are just not meant to be.