Thursday, 19 June 2008

Homeschooling Craft Activity for the Sacred Heart

We had our monthly homeschooling group today, and I foolishly volunteered to "present" a subject, followed by an "activity". It's quite an undertaking, since there are a lot of children, ranging in age from babydom to young adultdom. I gave a simple presentation on the Sacred Heart seeing as it's the month of June - (it's REALLY difficult to find anything pitched at the littlies, on the subject, but after much trawling of the 'net, I came up with a simple story about St Margaret Mary, and the Sacred Heart. I had a brilliant "wheeze" about a craft activity, which, when there's plenty of older people to help the youngsters, could work quite well; I'm not sure how it went down today, as I did notice a few wails of "Mummy, it's not working", from the younger ones who couldn't quite manipulate the pipe cleaners, and were getting frustrated - there seemed to be less teenagers around today, who are usually good at helping out.
Anyway, since there is a dearth of activities in relation to the Sacred Heart, on the web, I thought I would offer this contribution for all those of you out there who have "crafty" minds!

We start with two identical heart shapes cut out of thin card. One of them has three holes punched in them as you can see. Both have central cuts in them, the "holed" one is cut from the bottom point up, to half way; the other from the centre top down, to half way. We also have three pipe cleaners, of varying lengths.

The middle-sized (orange, or yellow) pipe cleaner is formed into a "flame" shape, and passed through the central hole in one of the hearts, and then secured in place.

This is followed by a smaller white piece of pipe cleaner - which can be secured to the first pipe cleaner.

Slot the two hearts together (I've missed off the flames in these pictures).

And finally thread the darker "crown of thorns" pipecleaner through the two remaining holes, being careful to leave enough "slack" for it to fit round the opened out heart.

And voila! the final product -

And here's one I made earlier, with better colours for the flames and crown, I think!

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ukok said...

Wow! This is such a clever idea. If i get the chance to speak to the leader of our childrens liturgy group about your clever idea i will pass it on!