Monday, 9 June 2008

Early Canonisation!

I have been canonised.

I was at Mass the other night, in a Church I don't often get to, which has the Old Rite on a first Friday. After it was ended, huddled inside my mantilla (I have a very large one - a sort of "gorilla" mantilla,) making my thanksgiving and avoiding any of the chit-chattering old dears, I sensed someone shuffling into the pew ahead of me, and then stopping directly in front of me. I realised I could avoid the inevitable no longer, (there was no-one else around, so I knew the visitation was for me), looked up, and saw a little old lady, who eagerly wanted to talk to me. She wanted me to pray for her family situation - the new great-granddaughter whose father has abandoned her and the mum, due to the fact that she is to be baptised, he being a Moslem. It's funny, but whenever I get "feelings" about our failure to adopt, I often hear of a baby in need of prayers - spiritual adoption is definitely a much needed thing, these days - so many children need prayers. I have an extreme reluctance to talk to anyone whilst in Church, apart from Our Lord, unless it is really necessary, so I kept my responses to her, to many smiles, and nods of sympathy, with promises to pray for the situation. But what truly horrified me, was what she came out with next - "You are a Saint" - I think I looked suitably aghast, and then laughed in embarrasment, that she should think such a thing, but again, being in Church, I couldn't protest too loudly now, could I?

Anyway, just in case anyone else out there has got the wrong impression of me, I will now post what my husband read out to me from our Saints book, as being pertinent to my salvation - he being under no illusion as to my level of sanctity -

(This is from Saint Francis de Sales - brilliant man)

The remedies against anger are:

1) To forestall its movements, if possible, or at least to cast them aside quickly, by turning the thoughts to something else. (Tried this, it worked well for about half a day).

2) In imitation of the Apostles when they saw the sea raging, to have recourse to God, whose office it is to give peace to the heart. (Forgot this one, on the spur of the moment).

3) During the heat of passion, not to speak, nor take any action as to the matter in question. (This one lasted about half a minute).

4) To strive to perform acts of kindness and humility towards the person against whom one is incensed, especially in reparation for any of a contrary nature.(Mmmm have to wait 'till the anger subsides!)

Humble mildness is the Virtue of Virtues, which Our Lord has recommended to us, and therefore we ought to practise it everywhere and always. Evil is to be shunned, but peaceably. Good is to be done, but with suavity. Take this for your rule: Do what you see can be done with Charity, and what cannot be done without disturbance, LEAVE UNDONE. In short, peace and tranquility of heart ought to be uppermost in all our actions, as olive oil floats above all liquors.

To keep the soul continually in a state of gentle calm, it is necessary to perform every action as being done in the presence of God, and as if He Himself had ordained it.

Now isn't that the most fantastic advice for those of us who are prone to anger? - even Saints like me!

(By the way, if anyone wants to make any of those little Holy cards with pictures of a saint on, please feel free to use the images in this post).


Mrs Pea said...

Well, I am always saying to my dh and children that I want us all to be saints one day. Having that as a prayer/wish/aim is very helpful to me, and I know that God will do with us as He will do, so I hope not to presume. But dh and I are always laughing and saying "oh, that'll be baby's holy card" or "look PP is doing his holy card expression". You'd look great on a holy card!

MaggieClitheroe said...

Well, if I ever do get to be a Saint, maybe my son will get a Holy card made of me with my 'mean Mummy' expression on - just to give people hope that such fits of bad temper can be overcome -ha ha!

Roses and Jessamine said...

Liking your gorilla mantilla! :-)

Where did you get it from?

MaggieClitheroe said...

I'm afraid it's a bit of a cheat, a huge piece of black cotton lace that I bought aeons ago, when I was a working gal in London (probably on a market)! I kept it for ages, wondering what I could make out of it, since it was a bit too "see through" to be decent on its own, and then got into wearing a Mantilla big time, so hoiked it out of me cupboards, and plonked it on me 'ead!
But you can get yourself a nice one from Halo Works, I do believe!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Got mine from Halo Works.
I got it as a treat when the last one was born :)

Lol I love the idea of a 'mean mummy saint' strictness is good!

Off topic: are you using Faith and Life for homeschooling by any chance. I'm thinking of it...but it's expensive so I want to know it's good. Got any ideas?

And hope you had a good Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to your dh.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Will get back to you on that one WSNS, if I may!