Saturday, 9 February 2008

Is the Excitement Waning?

I'm feeling hungry, and it's bedtime. Usually we indulge in a few snacks, a nice glass of wine, a DVD, before bedtime. But so far, I've managed to not buy anything that could take us off our Lenten course. Hubby has broken up for half term today, and we'd normally have a coffee and a bun or two to celebrate. Whilst our son was at his tennis lesson, we narrowly avoided the temptations of the coffee shop by bumping into another "tennis mum" who's very down to earth, and is training to be a social worker - you can imagine what we had to talk about (see previous post) and that took up all our time. She's not religious, but does agree that there is a lot of rubbish being taught on her course. She wants to do things differently, but has to toe the party line until she gets her degree. We wish her every blessing in her endeavours to fight the system. As she said, she'll probably end up getting the sack. This afternoon, I went shopping for the few items we need prior to going away to Bristol, where we'll be staying with my parents for a few days, and I'll be able to boost the family income by doing a spot of picture conservation with someone I know who runs a studio (and calls me in to help her out with my super quick retouching skills!). I only needed milk, & fruit, but ended up wandering through the bakery section. I realised as I strode determinedly past all those cakes, biscuits, and sweets, just how little nutritional value any of it had, and how little so many people in our society appreciate what they have. I thought of the photo of a little African boy I had seen on an excellent blog I'd come across earler, Ecce Mater Tua and could not feel sorry for myself having to give up something that wouldn't even do me any good. I have placed the photo on the side, under the Lamb of God. I just feel how paltry my efforts are. How little I deserve. I thank God for all He has done for me and my family. I pray that I can do something for one of these little ones, as well as pray for them.


James M said...

Good luck with your blog Maggie. I am sorry to read the decision of the adoption agency. Our society, in many regards, really is unhinged. Your kneeling for Holy Communion is the kind of 'audacity' that will bring the world to sense: to appreciate its Maker.

The photo of the boy in Sudan, makes me feel helpless too. Yet God gives us unceasing recourse to Him: the point must lie there. He will complete what we cannot do.

God bless your home/school.

ukok said...

All the very best as you journey through Lent! Thanks for your insightful and helpful comments on my blog of late too :-)