Saturday, 26 June 2010

Miss Moppet Comes to Life

Been having fun lately – I started with this,


and wasn’t sure what it would turn out like, having not made a stuffed doll for rather a long time…

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pattern I used enabled me to make this,

100_5292 100_5294 100_5295 100_5299 100_5301 100_5304 100_5305 100_5307 100_5308 100_5311

Isn’t she sweet, and I’ve got a sweet little girl in mind to give her to…. must get her in the post!


Lucy said...

She is adorable! Wow. There is something so special about rag dolls. I don't know if you are a bit like me and feel that there is a qulaity to a handmade toy created with love that is lost when it is sold, but you could totally sell dollies as lovely as that.

LizzieD said...

Thanks for your comment, Lucy, I think you're right. She has been made with love for a little girl who has LOTS of brothers, who I think might like to have some "girly" toys to play with; and the colour of the hair is meant to match that of the owner to be. She actually took me AGES to make, not at all commercially viable I shouldn't think (unless people were mad enough to pay £60 for one, lol!) Having said that, when I do make clothes or toys for others, I often think of the enjoyment they'll have wearing or playing with them, so most of my creations are made with love - even if they are paid for (and I never manage to charge for the hours that I put into things, I'm just not enough of a business woman!-)

catholicconvert said...

How very talented you are. In all probability you could turn this into a good little business. I do believe that there are many of us who are going back to the old ways, buying our children 'the old toys' that gave us such pleasure etc. Certinly it is clear to see that this beautiful rag dolly has been made with much fond affection. I'm sure the recipient is absolutely delighted with her gift!