Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Beloved Guardian Angels

To My Son's Guardian Angel.
I humbly salute you, O faithful, heavenly Friend of my child! I give you heartfelt thanks for all the love and goodness you show him. At some future day I shall, with thanks more worthy than I can now give, repay your care for him, and before the whole heavenly court acknowledge his indebtedness to your guidance and protection. Continue to watch over him. Provide for all his needs of body and soul. Pray, likewise, for me, for my husband, and my whole family, that we may all one day rejoice in your blessed company.

I have a lovely tale about my boy's guardian angel -

When he was a tiny baby, and we were living in a town with no real friends near, and family far away, my husband was studying away from home during the week. I was soooo tired (I'm sure all mums of newborns know about that feeling) but wanted a bath, yet had a fear of falling asleep and drowning, since no-one would know, and no-one would find out, or care for the baby until his daddy got back at the weekend. I got into the bath, telling his guardian angel to make sure I didn't fall asleep. Needless to say, the warm, comforting bath, and the tiredness soon took over, and I felt myself drowsing off, when I was suddenly woken by a "plop! plop! plop!" - three pairs of plastic nappy pants had been dropped in from the shelf above the bath, where they had been neatly stored for several weeks (I'd been using disposables mostly, at that time). I had to laugh, I just knew it was his Guardian Angel looking after him. What was nice, was that he didn't drop the terry nappies, as that would have made me cross, just went for the "easy dry" option, and three for the Trinity, too!!

Keep up the good work, Guardian Angels, our young ones are so precious!

And another lovely prayer to the guardian angels:-

Faithful friends of my children
Guardian angels given to them by God
I turn to you with deep faith.
May your intercession, secure for me the
grace to bring up my children for God and for Heaven.
Guard them everywhere, especially where my eyes cannot reach them.
Follow them everywhere, especially where I cannot be with them.
Warn them when they cannot hear my voice. Rescue them at all times.
Protect them against the attacks of evil forces. Show them the path to life
in God's Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.
Encourage them to give their will to God daily and seek only His light in their lives.
May the Good Lord reward you for your love. AMEN.


Alexa said...

what a lovely post, Elizabeth! And the story was so cool!

I too have a story about my son's guardian angel - once he was reaching up to get something on top of his dresser - and there was a small TV on top of it - he'd climbed onto an open bottom drawer and it tipped the dresser over toward him. We ran into his room to see what all the noise was and he was there holding up the tv with one hand and the dresser with the other as it was leaning toward him. He was no older than 4 years old too! We KNEW a stronger being was there holding it up until we could rescue him - otherwise he'd have been crushed badly!

And my guardian angel is particularly good protecting me while I'm in the car - I've had some close calls!

Alexa said...

Happy FEAST DAY! (while you're sewing away over there!) Oct. 22nd is today, "Maggie"!

mum6kids said...

Lovely story.
We pray to our guardian angels every day in our family. Some of them have had to work harder than others!
I am glad we have them. God is generous.

Lydia said...

Beautiful post.

Lydia said...

Oh, a business! How exciting...I would be a sparse poster too. I'm glad the link helps!

Alexa said...

Hey Elizabeth! How ya been? Been wondering what's going on with you - even Rob has asked about you this morning, which prompted me to write this comment!

You have my new url, right? Or maybe not!...

Anyhow, hope all is well over there!

God bless,

ukok said...

Holy Trinity napies, love it! Your post is such a beautiful reflection of the assurance with which you communicate with your sons Guardian Angel on your son's behalf.

LizzieD said...

Thankyou for commenting ukok. I think you've reminded me that I should be praying even more now that he's reached that "dangerous" age when the influences of the world are beginning to pull. I keep your intentions in my prayers, and pray that the guardian angels of your loved ones will draw them back to the one thing necessary in this life - I know that you know what that is!