Sunday, 6 July 2008

Liturgical Feasts!

We were privileged to attend a lovely Mass on Friday evening, celebrating the anniversary of Fr Anton Guziel's ordination.

He was assisted by several Priests, including some from the Birmingham Oratory.

It was a splendid, occasion, but tinged with sadness, from a selfish point of view, since Father will be leaving his Parish later in the summer, to join the Oratorians.

He has always been so good with the altar boys. My son learned how to serve the Mass with him. We pray for every blessing upon him, and that the Good Lord will send us another Priest with as much enthusiasm for the Latin Mass.

Then, today, we had a lovely pilgrimage to Holywell, to the Shrine of Saint Winefride, where another beautiful Mass was celebrated, for the Latin Mass Society.

The singing was lovely.
And to think that none of us felt great this morning, and we almost decided not to go, but our son swayed us, since he said he really wanted to be an acolite.
We are glad that he feels at home with such reverent, and beautifully celebrated Masses.
We also thank God for our Priests who want to carry on the traditions of our Holy Mother Church.


ukok said...

What a great young boy you have there, spurring you on to attend Mass even when you felt unwell :-)

MaggieClitheroe said...

Thanks, UKOK, he has his moments; just wish he were such a saint when it comes to doing his maths ha ha! - I'm still praying for your young man too- God Bless.

Matt Doyle said...

Wow! I wish I was as well travelled as you. Its hard with kids and fuel prices. Is it now common knowledge than Fr Anton is coming to the Oratory!? How exciting! But sad for you, obviously.

Ottaviani said...

Such a small world - so many priests I recognise, including Fr. Andrew Southwell in the ordination anniversary mass.

MaggieClitheroe said...

Yes, Matt, we wus robbed!!
Seriously, though, poor Fr Anton had to let it out early because another Priest who'd got wind of it started announcing it to his parishioners before Fr Anton had had a chance to tell his own!!